Total Station Layout

Mission Statement 

Solutions AEC has the tools and capabilities to quickly and accurately provide a visual laser layout of MEP/FP system hangers and other spatial points, dramatically decreasing the field labor hours required, while gaining more precision of your already design coordinated system locations.  Our points are guaranteed to an accuracy of 2mm at distances up to 1,640ft. Our points can be laid out either on the bottom of the deck above, or the floor below.

By hiring Solutions AEC, you can expect to take advantage of the following:

  • Perform Layout 5X Faster
  • Increase Layout Accuracy
  • Maximize Labor Productivity
  • Improve Jobsite Safety
  • Protect Your Profit Margins

Our Solution

Our Robotic Total Station can translate spatial points from our highly coordinated and detailed BIM models directly to the real-world space of an under construction building.  By taking extra care during design to accurately model our MEP systems, with clash avoidance in mind, we have the ability to turn our once 2D line construction drawings into the first step of a quick and accurate install.

The process will greatly decrease the labor hours required for systems layout by up to 5x faster than traditional methods.  The accuracy will have pin-point precision and maximize the productivity of our client’s labor.  Safety will be improved by eliminating the need for extending out over an already wobbly man-lift.  All of these points will help our clients not only protect their margin, but expand it.

We utilize this Robotic system to integrate our BIM modeling software into the field, enabling us to layout equipment and hanger locations more quickly and accurately.

How Can We Help? 

From new construction to renovation, utilizing our Robotic Total Station services brings added value by providing perfectly coordinated 3D BIM modeled systems. We can help projects capture up to 80% in labor savings over traditional layout methods, while accurately locating critical points such as seismic wiring, trapeze hangers, pipe racks, system penetrations, and pendant mounted light fixtures.

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