Design Assist +

Design Assist +

Excellent communication, superior collaboration, and deep technical expertise are prerequisites for any Design Assist partner. Fortunately, those are some of the hallmarks of Solutions AEC. 

Our unique set of skills and talents, combined with our experience in construction and sustainability analysis, make us the ideal MEP design partner for clients and projects that already have strong subcontractors on board. We have a proven history of providing innovative solutions for clients that require end-to-end fully integrated engineering, construction, and energy performance assistance during the bidding and pre-construction phases of a project. We leverage our teams’ knowledge, skills, and abilities to offer expert advice and innovative solutions that ensure your project achieves its budget, schedule, and quality requirements. And because we are an engineering led MEP design firm, our clients receive extra peace of mind knowing that our solutions are constructible, cost responsible, and energy efficient. 

Get “More” with Design Assist “Plus” 

Construction projects, like buildings themselves, are only as successful as the frameworks supporting them. That’s why Solutions AEC goes above and beyond to provide more holistic support than traditional MEP engineering firms. Our input and support can span from system selection and optimization to cost reduction strategies, conceptual estimates, equipment procurement, subcontractor buyout, BIM modeling, and more. 

The focus of our Design Assist + service is to streamline the entire project, from blueprint to buildout, so our clients can enjoy maximum ROI and owners get “more building” for their dollar. To provide exceptional value and unparalleled support to our clients, we have a deep bench of engineers on our Design Assist + team ready to bring their expertise and experience to a project, including: 

Mechanical Engineers

To ensure your building space conditions are met for indoor occupants, production processes, and energy consumption goals. We have a track record of sustainable, energy efficient designs with a long track record of high-performance buildings.

Electrical Engineers

To address new systems for increasingly complicated buildings and processes. Power, lighting, controls, security, telecommunications, and energy production are just a few of the many systems our talented professionals have expertise in.

Plumbing, Piping and Fire Protection Engineers

To design systems ranging from the very basic to the most complex and highly sophisticated. Water recycling systems for grey water flushing, solar hot water, siphonic roof drainage, foam suppression, clean agent, and specialty gas systems are a few of the many skills our SAEC team possesses.

Why Solutions AEC as Your Design Assist Partner? 

As an engineering led company, Solutions AEC has been delivering engineering excellence since our inception. Our Design Assist team focuses on developing collaborative relationships from the outset so we can fully understand your needs and then work tirelessly to deliver MEPFP engineering design solutions that achieve competing goals in system performance, cost, schedule, and quality. 

Solutions AEC also brings extensive construction experience to the table as your Design Assist partner. Our engineers and designers understand estimating, scheduling, contractor buyouts, and other critical milestones over the life of a project from blueprint to build. We understand the construction industry and building process better than most engineering firms, which means that our solutions and deliverables minimize gaps between project partners to improve bidding, project planning, trade sequencing, design budget tracking, construction scheduling, and other critical project activities. 

How Can We Help? 

No project is too big, too complex, or too weird for our highly skilled Design Assist + team. In fact, our engineers take pride in solving the unsolvable, so challenging projects are not only welcome but encouraged

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our MEPFP Design Assist + services. We look forward to bringing our experience, expertise, and personal touch to your project.