In order to provide excellent MEP engineering, design, and construction solutions in the commercial marketplace, one must understand the challenges faced by commercial facility developers, owners, and operators. As a commercial engineering and design build firm, Solutions AEC understands these challenges and we leverage our expertise to provide the solutions commercial facility clients need. 

We are aware, for example, of the fact that more and more commercial building tenants require flexibility, including personalized indoor environments and security, as well as a need to keep building operations at a minimal cost. Understanding these demands is one thing, but then balancing and delivering them is quite another. This is what differentiates us and what makes us a trusted MEP engineering and design partner for commercial facility owners, builders, and operators. 

Our engineers provide competitive and coordinated MEP solutions that exceed the needs of today’s modern commercial facilities without sacrificing the ability to expand in the future. By leveraging our deep technical expertise and commercial marketplace experience, our clients receive solutions that maximize value at every step of the facility lifecycle, from bidding and pre-construction to buildout, commissioning, and retrofitting. 

How Can We Help?

From design and construction to commissioning and sustainability analysis, Solutions AEC is the ideal partner for commercial facilities projects.

Get in touch to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how we can help. We look forward to bringing our experience, expertise, and personal touch to your commercial project.