Design Build

Design Build

Traditionally, the delivery method of engineered systems is extremely fragmented, with separate Design Build engineering firms representing different mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection contractors and subcontractors who design their respective systems independent of the others before integrating them in the field. 

This traditional, fragmented delivery method exposes all parties involved to numerous risks. The developer is exposed to the risk of not completing a project on time or within budget, the construction manager is exposed to the risk of responsibility for ensuring there are no gaps in the scopes of work between the engineered system, and the building owner is exposed to risks associated with purchasing and operating a less efficient facility. 

At Solutions AEC, we believe there is a better way—and we have the resume and references to prove it.

End-to-End, Fully Integrated MEP Design Build Solutions

Our integrated Design Build engineering approach eliminates gaps in scopes of work, incongruencies between systems, coordination mistakes, and post-occupancy frustration while maximizing the life-cycle cost of the facility. We bring together highly respected and technically proficient experts to offer our clients a full-service solution for engineering, constructing, and delivering MEP solutions that meet the performance, cost, and schedule requirements of any project.  

By bringing together the design and implementation of complex MEP systems under one roof, Solutions AEC offers exceptional value to our clients who enjoy significant benefits that a fully integrated Design Build team presents, including single source accountability, faster delivery, improved quality, and cost savings. These benefits represent the mission of Solutions AEC: to provide innovative, economical, and sustainable engineering and construction design solutions faster than ever before and better than anyone else. 

Flawless Designs, Seamless Execution

Our Design Build services leverage the collective and integrated knowledge of our talented engineering and construction professionals, enabling us to design and deliver systems that are cost responsible and energy efficient. Our designs are tailored and focused on your project needs, while integrating sound construction principles and methods to ensure a smooth delivery. 

Because we oversee the implementation of MEP/FP systems from blueprint to buildout, we can guarantee performance, quality, and delivery better than siloed engineering firms and subcontractors. We even include commissioning and quality control teams as part of our Design Build projects from the start to confirm that the systems we design will perform as expected, promised, and demanded. And thanks to our emphasis on prefabrication and industrial production methods, our Design Build solutions limit field hours and streamline workflows to deliver faster designs and construction times than ever thought possible. 

How Can We Help? 

With an engineering led MEP/FP Design Build firm like Solutions AEC in your corner, you know exactly what you’re getting, and you get exactly what you want. We are disciplined, innovative, and creative, and we strive to deliver projects that meet or exceed your needs. 

From the crazy complex to the elegantly simple, no Design Build job is too big or too small for our team. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and solutions. We look forward to bringing our experience, expertise, and personal touch to your project.