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As a fully integrated MEPFP Design/Builder, Solutions AEC produces cost effective, energy efficient designs.  Our passion for advancing automation into the Design & Construction Industry is allowing us to do this better, faster, and more economical than ever before.  This maximizes our ability to create maximum value for our clients at all levels of the Design and Construction process. That is our passion, our vision:  Adding VALUE. Our preconstruction estimation capabilities coupled with our subcontractor and vendor buyout processes allow us to manage budget, schedule, and quality from solicitation to building turnover while shortening the bridge between design and construction.  In addition to our integrated Design/Build approach, Solutions AEC offers full building Commissioning services.   This, combined with our vast experience in Sustainable Design Methods, allows us to ensure our buildings are performing as planned and to their maximum potential.





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Solutions AEC is a premier provider and expert resource for sustainable MEP analysis and design. We are a knowledgeable and committed organization to the promotion of environmental responsibility not only in the design and construction of buildings, but in our everyday activities. Since our establishment we have made a significant impact in the sustainable design and construction industry. Sustainable design and the LEED Rating System are a core part of our business, not just a recent fad. Solutions AEC has been at the forefront of this movement.

SAEC served as the MEP engineering consultants on the nation's first Net Zero project under the Living Building Challenge. SAEC was the MEP Design/Build subcontractor on the first LEED Platinum project in the city of St. Louis.














Today’s technology has allowed the building design process to evolve into a level of detail never before seen. Single line drawings have become a thing of the past as we move into a time where 3D models packed with data and other information are utilized to create more useful end products and add efficiency to the overall design process. Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is now the new norm with nearly every architectural or engineering firm in the country. Solutions AEC has years of experience in delivering highly detailed, complex, and coordinated  BIM models to clients.​

Solutions AEC has the knowledge and insight to deliver coordinated BIM models to contractors, ensuring decreased field clashes between the various building systems. With turnkey BIM models, contractors are able to more clearly define the construction process and add efficiency to the construction schedule while identifying and solving any physical clashes during the design phase, minimizing construction time and ensuring the best possible solution to any problems that may arise.

Solutions AEC also includes a vast amount of information and data into our models to more clearly define the end product. With highly accurate space and system modeling, we are able to more clearly define a buildings energy performance, ensuring system compatibility and efficiency. With manufacturer and product information embedded into our BIM model components and equipment, a more thorough materials schedule, a more accurate cost estimation, and peace of mind that end results match design content are achieved.  



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