Solutions AEC is a full service MEP sustainability consultant.  Boasting the Nation’s First Net Zero Energy project and multiple LEED Platinum projects, we are a national leader in sustainable engineering, energy analysis, and consulting.  SAEC has been actively involved in all aspects of sustainable design from the actual act of designing and constructing sustainable buildings to education, promotion and advocacy of sustainability since its inception.  Today we have worked on over 70 LEED projects across the United States, four of which are LEED Platinum projects.  We also boast the Nation’s First Net Zero Energy Building as awarded by the Living Building Challenge. We are experts in the science of buildings including both the consumption side and reducing the passive energy consumption to the renewable side in creating energy to offset consumption.  We have worked with code enforcement officials to adopt new policies allowing sustainable systems within buildings.

No successful sustainable project started with a design; they started with a client that understands the impact of a sustainable project.  Genuine sustainability is the proper application of both proven and new techniques and technologies analyzed by an innovative and experienced team of designers and constructors

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Tyson Living Learning Center

Eureka, MO. This 3,000 square foot Certified Living Building Challenge project pushed limits adhering to strict materials red-list preventing the use of many common building materials. The facility is a true net zero energy and water with systems utilizing rainwater collection, composting toilets, photovoltaic, high efficiency lighting and variable volume refrigerant heat pumps. This project has been featured on NPR and recognized in publications and received awards for sustainable design.