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Governmental customers are one of the most diverse customer segments in the construction industry. Few other building tenants occupy such an array of diverse facilities as the Federal, State, and Local governments. Government entities have facilities that include hospitals, laboratories, hotels, offices, maintenance buildings, and many others. To meet the needs of this type of customer, one must possess a breadth of experience in the design and construction of numerous engineered systems.

Solutions AEC is experienced in working on Federal, State, and Local projects. We have worked on projects throughout the Department of Defense, with departments of corrections, with county and municipal entities, with quasi-governmental entities on projects including electronics laboratories, medical facilities, office buildings, multi-use facilities, housing centers, and hangars.

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Bowling Center  NAS Great Lakes

As the MEP Design/Build contractor, Solutions AEC facilitated the design and install of all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for this renovation and expansion project that included dining, entertainment, bowling, and multi-use space for use by our soldiers as they balance work and play while reporting each day to serve and protect our nation.