Educational institutions are exposed to numerous challenges, and when it comes to building and/or operating their facilities energy consumption and cost-competitiveness is extremely important. Solutions AEC understands educational institutions have to balance maintaining their aging infrastructures within their operational budgets, while also trying to improve their educational facilities within their capital budgets. These concerns are what foster our focus in providing a wide range of services to assist universities and school districts with their building engineering needs.

The thermal comfort and security of students, faculty, and staff is important to ensuring a successful learning environment and also in promoting the facility to prospective students, faculty, as well as the community. Solutions AEC provides several services to educational institutions including design/build engineering services, performance contracting, security analysis, commissioning management, and site surveys and peer reviews of construction.

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McKendree College

Hettenhausen Center for Fine Arts, Lebanon, IL. Solutions AEC provided design/build mechanical engineering services for this 32,000 square foot performing arts center. The design demonstrated sensitivity and adherence to strict sound criteria. This highly efficient facility included a LonWorks Building Automation System, a chilled water and hot water plant. A constant volume air handler and a variable volume air handling unit with hot water terminal heating system.